She began to fight her demons

I am human. I have flaws. I have weaknesses. I have insecurities. I have self-doubt. I used to be that girl who simply scribbled with a crayon and called it artwork; now I feel myself scrolling through every filter in the app to cover up my imperfections. I was the girl who believed she turned in the best assignments that she spent hours on but … Continue reading She began to fight her demons

She fell in love with herself… again

I have recently learned that life is a vicious circle. We are born innocent. We are born caring for nobody else but ourself. We are born to show love to everyone but take care of our own needs first. Imagine a baby, few months old, she will cry and cry and cry for milk, or for comfort, or for burpies. The parents have to stop … Continue reading She fell in love with herself… again

She was Simply a Mother

   We had recently visited my father and grandfather in the Philippines over summer. I had been once before when I was eighteen but I was that young, naive, little girl who kept her skinny little bum in a rattan rocking chair, that happened to be in the only room with air conditioning, while watching MTV music videos all day long. All I can recall from … Continue reading She was Simply a Mother