The Perfect Baby

On Friday morning, 7th of November 2014, a little bit of sunshine entered our life. Her name was Koa-Rae Lola Bennett. She was born in the walls of her own home, was 100% breastfed and slept nearly throughout the nights. Unheard of? Well I can tell you I cannot remember complaining about an intense lack of sleep when Koa was little, if you ask me how she sleeps now? It’s a different story, but as a baby, not a peep out of her. Koa-Rae simply just ate, slept and pooped. The only massive cry she had, that I can remember, was when I left her for the first time with Nanny for a night out and she wouldn’t feed from the bottle, she liked breast too much. Other than that she was the absolute dream baby.

Take this how you want, but two months into our life I knew my little girl was something else. The only reason I can explain why I felt this way, was that my little Rae of Sunshine simply just loved life. She was just so peaceful. So content. So easy. She loved her milk. She burped herself. Loved her sleep. Loved the bath. Loved the car seat. Loved the stroller. Loved to be put down, or to be picked up. She loved to sleep in her Moses basket. Loved to sleep next to me. She just loved life. Typical for babies? I don’t really know to be honest with you. I personally picture babies crying, whining, and constantly needing comfort? True? This wasn’t Koa-Rae. 

She was independent, didn’t need me or anyone else to entertain her. She could possibly be in a room playing with her books or toys for hours before realizing she needed me just for food. She didn’t cry for me when I left the room. She didn’t whine for anykind comfort. She didn’t scream for attention. She was purely content in her own company. 

She was gentle to everything around her. She didn’t like pushing blocks down. She petted her best friend, Oakley with gentle hands. She didn’t like to pull flowers off of plants. She had such a sweet soul and we all were loving life as a family. 

Until that day we spoke to her Health Visitor at her one year old review. We had discussed Koa’s developmental milestones and agreed that they were becoming a bit of a concern. This was the day I started doubting myself as a mother. 

How was your little one when she/he was a baby? Any similarities to Koa-Rae? Any differences? Did you have any concerns? 


Squeal, Sign, Mumble,

The Bennett Babes


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