Knixon’s Baby Led Weaning Journey

When are they ready? How do I Start? What do I give them? 

Now before you keep reading, I want to clarify that I am writing based on my experience with my two girls. This is might not work for every one and their mini’s but here is a look on our weaning journey. 

BLW Starter Pack

  1. High chair
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Bibs (optional)
  4. Patience, lots and lots of Patience
  5. And obviously food

I was once asked what my all time favorite meal was? Now you go ahead and think of yours. Mine? Lasagna. Why? To be honest with you, it wasn’t the actual dish itself (no offence mom), it was the experience behind the dish. Lasagna night was always a night, my Mom, my sister and I came together and  constructed the dish, eating it along the way obviously. Every Single Time. It was family time, it was a fun time. It was the happiness behind the dish, the memories of it, that made it my favorite. How about your favorite? What’s the story behind yours?

 I think eating is at the top of the list of the most important things my girls will ever learn. Food is medicine and medicine is food. So with that in mind, I think it is necessary to make sure my two girls keep having positive experiences while exploring food. 

Stage 1 – playing & exploring  

One sign I knew it was time to start this journey with Knixon was when she was able to sit up on her own. I read on some BLW website, back in the day when weaning Koa-Rae, that if she can sit up by herself then this must mean her little tummy must be strong enough to digest anything other than milk. Not sure if it’s proven or not but I’m running with it. Now, before putting Knixon in her high chair, I make sure she has had a nap, she has a fresh diaper and she has already been breastfed. She needs to be happy going into the chair, if she’s not I won’t put her in. This stage of her weaning is simply play time. When she did sit for me, she probably sat for 5-10mins maximum & probably didn’t eat an ounce of food. We were just focusing on her feeling comfortable in the chair and playing with her food. She explored the textures of the different foods with her hands or even sometimes with her mouth. This stage Knixon was still feeding and getting full off of just breastmilk and there was no particular routine with solids.

Stage 2 – tasting 

Once Knixon was comfortable in her chair, she started exploring her food a little more with her mouth. I stuck to one type of food for a few days in order for her to get used to the texture, grabbing it, and her little tummy handling it. Although the size of the finger foods were big enough for her not to choke on, babies do have a natural reflux that helps prevent them from choking. I’ll list a few first finger foods I used at the end of the blog. I feel the need to keep reminding myself that Knixon’s energy reflects my energy. Knixon liked to keep a piece of food in her mouth, move it around, and then spit it out when she was done with it. With Koa-Rae, I was actually sweating my tits off because I was scared of her choking. With my second one, I’ve just learned grab myself a cup of coffee, sit with her at the table, talk to her, keep a watchful eye and breathe. It’s one of the first lessons of trust. 

Stage 3 – Routine and clean

Now that Knixon is putting little bit more food in her mouth, we are now having her sit with us when we are having family meals. She sits in her chair and eats breakfast with Koa-Rae. Then has her lunch with Koa and I. Then sits with us as a family for dinner. She probably is feeding 95% on breastmilk and only 5% on solids. Her meals are still just finger foods, however she is getting the hang of it. Patience is a virtue with this journey.

Also, when Knixon shows us she’s finished, we have her wait in her chair while we clean her up. This will hopefully teach her in the long run, just like her sister, that cleaning up with the family is just as important as eating with us. We will see how well this goes but it’s a good thought for now. Haha.

This is how far we’ve gotten with Knixon’s BLW journey. So to be continued…  let us know your journey, your advice, your story. 

Few Ideas for first finger foods:

  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Boiled/steamed carrots 
  • Sliced peaches 
  • Sliced Apples/pears
  • Baked sweet potato chips


Squeal, sign, mumble,

The Bennett Babes


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