Dread Mama

Dreads? Why? Why dreads Alaina? Why those dirty, smelly things? Do you really want your children to see you in those? 

Well after giving birth to little Knixon-Rose, one of the many lovely side effects was losing my hair. As the estrogen levels lower, hair follicles start to rest and they eventually fall out. Now, I am not talking about a few strands here or there after brushing, I am talking about a whole wig amount of hair was coming out of my head every single time I washed it. I found it in the baby’s hands, it was in the girls toys, it was in my husband’s feet, it was everywhere and I had had enough of it. 

Considering that I barely had the time to even sleep, being a new mom of two, there was no way I was finding time to blow dry, straighten and/or curl my hair. It was nearly impossible and honestly I just didn’t have any motivation to do it. With the ongoing fact that I was chasing a toddler around with a newborn attached to my breast, my appearance came last on my priority list. 
So I narrowed it down to two options, either dreads or I was shaving my head. Well, you answered it yourself, dreads it was! After a long 15 hours broken up into two days, the dread pixie (and who I now would call my friend) came to our house and performed her magic on me. Let me tell you, I have never felt so much like myself in my life as I do now. I am not trying to persuade everyone to get dreads, but I feel like I was meant to have these all along. Sorry Mom & Dad, but this is Alaina. A little weird, a bit of cool, and a dash of confidence. I feel like expressing myself is so much easier now. I don’t feel as if I’m hiding behind a mask anymore. I am sure most people might consider dreads as an ‘odd’ hairdo, but I have never considered myself as a ‘pretty girl’, and let’s face it I have always been a bit of a oddball.

My life seems a tiny bit easier now, I get up in the morning pull my hair up and to be honest I don’t even feel the need to do my make-up anymore (unless it’s a really special occasion). Any bit of minimalism to my life is better. No more straighteners, curlers, hairspray for heat, hairspray for hold or even dry hair shampoo. No more hair ties, or bobby pins laying around in every room. No more caring what people think of me when I walk out of this house with a frizz head. I am rocking this 100% natural mama thing. I absolutely love my meant-to-be-messy-new-dread-mom bun, and the dark circles around my eyes. This is me and I am loving every bit of it. 

Truth is, I am a mother of two, my time and my soul go into my little girls. Nothing will make me happier than to show them that there is so much more to life than painting a mask on your face to make society think your dealing with life ‘perfectly fine’. Or wasting time curling your hair to get the approval that you look neat and nice by other people. I was there, I did the same. But I know now that the best way to love myself and love my life is to be true, be real, be raw, be me. People get stressed, people get spots, people get old, they get wrinkles, people have freckles, scars, and baby hairs and all that is okay because I do too. Now I want to try and battle the pressure of society and inspire both of my girls to love themselves the way that they are, perfectly imperfect. 


Squeal, sign, mumble,

The Bennett Babes


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