Food4theminisoul pt2

So as we left off before, Knixon was still exploring and feeling out her solids but not quite filling herself up yet. Milk being the main form of her nutrition and solids being an additive.


Knixon 6 months old sitting nicely eating her breakfast with her sister

Just wanted to update you on Knixon’s weaning situation. Knixon is one active little baby. She loves to walk. Loves to bounce. Loves the dance. And loves to climb. At the end of 7 months old she started walking before she had a chance to figure out if she enjoyed eating. She definitely was not interested in sitting nicely in her high chair. So baby led weaning became a bit trickier for us.

We would try and set up her food according to her sister’s meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, within two minutes sitting in her chair she was then wanting to climb out with food still gripped in her hands, it was like she wanted a takeaway meal and not sit in? I was not expecting this at all, so at first every time she stood up I would try and sit her back down.


Knixon climbing out of her high chair

To the point that she was fighting me to stand back up, the little pocket rocket was always able to find a why to wiggle herself out of those ‘safety’ high chair straps. It was when she nearly fell out that soon realised this wasn’t going to work and I was giving her anxiety about eating. Her high chair was supposed to be the place where she was happy and would eat her all yummy healthy food.

It was supposed to be a calm relaxed place so she would learn to enjoy eating. We decided to take a break from weaning here onto solids. I still put her in her chair when it was meal time, but when she would stand up, whether it was 2 seconds in or 2 minutes in, I would take that as a sign that she was finished and we took her out. She would then walk around the dinner table eating whatever was left in her hands, while the rest of us were still sitting finishing up our food.


Knixon carrying around a broccoli because she refuses to sit in her chair.

She sometimes came back to us asking for more finger food, then would walk around again. This made it very hard to have a meal out in a restaurant as she wanted to just walk about like she owned the place with crumbs following behind her.

At this point, she was clearly not filling her little tummy up with solids. We were not making any progression on weaning and she was still very dependant on my breast milk. So I had to change my approach of weaning. Now, I am not going to lie to you, I have never ever been a person to feed babies puree, just for the reason that I believe they should be able to learn how to feed themselves. However, Knixon has swayed my mind and caved into giving her the choice of eating puree, on the basis of she still will need to learn to feed herself. I went ahead and bought puree squeezes from amazon. I started to make purees. Boy, was this time-consuming. On top of everything else I felt like I was doing as a mother, I was putting  ‘pureeing’ on the list it as well.


Knixin trying out her new form of solids but not quite sure about it.

To my luck she was still doing the same thing. She would sit down, I would give her a squeeze pack, she would have a few sucks, then stand up again. I was then having to squeeze it in her mouth myself. I gave it up. Too much work and not enough progression. Back to square one. She was walking around the kitchen during meal times with finger foods.

Knixon-Rose has always been able to have breast milk whenever she asked for it. She has always been very inconsistent with her feeds. Two minutes on. Thirty minutes of play. Seven minutes back on. Forty-five minute nap. Ten minutes on. Twenty minutes of play. You get the idea. She has been like this since she was only a few months old. Very sporadic. However, now at one years old, she basically had me when she wanted me. No specific milk routine, it purely based on her wanting it and not actually needing it.

It then clicked in my head, “What if she is not interested in eating solids because she has been snacking on milk all throughout the day!”

We have always carried the rule with Koa-Rae, that if she was hungry she will eat. If she won’t eat what we had made her, then she is not hungry. However, with Knixon, she was not hungry during her meal times because she had milk whenever she wanted it. She was not interested in eating solids because she was never actually hungry to do so.  She didn’t understand the feeling of hunger because she would graze on me all day and I hadn’t even realized.


Trying to make eating a bit more independent and fun.

So at day 3 of this new weaning process, we’ve had whining episodes as she throws herself at my chest. and me saying no to milk during the day and trying to encourage her to feel that feeling of hunger. Not starving, but hungry enough to sit and eat what solids we put in front of her; while at those times of throwing herself at my chest we are offering water instead of breast milk. We are in the process of making mealtimes for her a happier and better experience. We are not totally taking breastmilk out of the equation. We are finally taking steps positively introducing solids as her main intake of nutrients and milk being used only as supplement (before going to bed and just waking up). We are in the process of experimenting with this idea in order to try to make her nap and sleep better. We are learning together. We are in this process together.


My breast having the pleasure of being enlarged, uncomfortable and leaking due to the decrease of intake while Knixon is signing ‘milkies’ behind me.


If and when we do conquer this milestone of her weaning over to solids, I will be sharing some of my easy and yummy recipes for your mini. However, be that my little mini is struggling at the minute. I am starting at the very plain and basic food for her, i.e. blueberries, carrots, toast, chickpeas etc.

Have you been in a similar situation? Do you have any solutions that might help? Are you also finding your mini having troubles eating and it effecting sleep? what kind of methods are you using to wean?


Sign, Squeal, Mumble,

The Bennett Babes


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