Cause and Effect

Every individual baby is different. Size, weight, length, prematurity, ethnicity, chromosomes. Every little body functions differently. Every little body reacts differently. But, why is the same amount of vaccination given to every baby receiving?

How is a baby’s system meant to develop naturally, if it’s busy focussed on trying to fight the virus that wasn’t supposed to be in them in the first place?

Koa-Rae was an average sized baby according to her weight and length. She had a natural delivery with no complications or the use of drugs. She had all of her immunizations as a baby:

  • 8 Weeks old she got her 6-in1 vaccine, Pneumococcal vaccine, Rotavirus, MenB vaccine
  • 12 weeks old she got her 6-in-1 vaccine (2nd dose), Rotavirus (2nd dose)
  • 16 weeks old she got her 6-in-1 vaccine (3rd dose), Pneumococcal vaccine (2nd dose), MenB (2nd dose)
  • 1 year she got her Hib/MenC vaccine, Measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, Pneumococcal vaccine, MenB vaccine (3rd dose)

Like any other child, she had her never-ending snotty nose but she was a really good sleeper and she had an amazing appetite. Or so we thought. Take a second now and imagine your sinuses being clogged up. What would your head feel like? Are your eyes are glazed over from all the drowsiness? How groggy would you feel? Imagine how tired you are because all your energy is trying to fight off whatever it was that was actually injected into you. Now imagine coming in contact with a new illnesses in your everyday life on top of trying to fight these viruses injected into you. This was Koa-Rae and we were clueless.


After two years, when we finally found out about her superhuman trait and were told that her body was different to others. (click here to read more about it). That no other body had her specific type of chromosome layout and that one of her superhuman traits was the ability to live slowly. She had the power to be able to live life seeing it her own perspective, at her own time, and being able to do things at her own pace. She had the ability to see the happiness in everything. However, being injected with these viruses took that power away from her.

After being injected, her slow living body started to build up phlegm. Now phlegm is not a bad thing at all, it is there to guard and protect the lungs. However, excessive phlegm can cause impairments throughout the body. It is when these viruses are injected and just sit in the skin that cause fluids to be stagnant. It is then, that these fluids eventually turn into phlegm. Koa-Rae was building and storing more and more phlegm after each immunisation. 

The amount of phlegm built up in her body started to cause an imbalance in her spleen.


Spleen is located under ribcage and tucked just above the stomach

Now, just a mini bio fact for you all: the spleen revolves around the immune system and cardiovascular system. It produces white blood cells which are meant to cleanse bacteria from the blood and provide immune responses throughout the body. The spleen is also in charge of transforming food and water into energy and blood throughout the body as well. What happens when the spleen is imbalanced and not functioning properly? Well I’m glad you asked.

Koa was an amazing eater. We thought she had an extraordinary appetite but it was actually an unrealistic appetite for a young toddler. She would literally have more servings of food than me, her mother. She would eat absolutely anything that was put in front of her and wouldn’t actually know when to stop. It was like she didn’t know when she was full. She had what was called food stagnation. She was overindulging herself with food and the food she would eat wasn’t digesting; which then consequently was not able to turn any of the nutrients into any energy that is needed for her little body. Koa-Rae was suffering with bloating, appetite issues, and fatigue, and we were clueless. 


Koa-Rae’s ballooned tummy

Now at age two, Koa was not walking yet. She could not find the strength to get up and walk. The questions that I have yet to know the answers to are: was this because of her superhuman trait? Or was this because the injected virus impaired the flow of  energy down to her legs? Was this because she had a ‘global delay’? or was this an effect of having been injected by viruses that caused a functional disturbance throughout her system?  What was the actual cause for the dysfunction of her spleen transforming food into energy? Was it her duplicated chromosome or was it the injected viruses the reason for her not having the strength to walk? Maybe a bit of both? We will never know, but what we do know is that for every cause there is an effect.

Let me just try to break down a summary of Koa-Rae’s immunization experience:

  1. baby has an original chromosome layout
  2. baby gets injected with virus or disease
  3. baby builds up phlegm from virus 
  4. baby builds up too much phlegm causing problems with the spleen
  5. spleen cannot function correctly
  6. baby builds up more phlegm because she is not getting the right immune responses throughout the body
  7. phlegm impairs her coordination and movement
  8. baby is weak and tired
  9. baby is not walking
  10. baby is told she has developmental delay

Smiley Koa-Rae at 8 months old

She had her superhuman trait at birth. She was born with it. She was perfect the way she was born. Her body was not born to understand how to react to these viruses injected into her at two months of living. No body is born to naturally react to any viruses injected into them. When Koa-Rae used become ill it backtracked her development. It always to seemed like we would take one step forward, two steps backwards. It was a constant battle, not only for us, but her. She was helpless. The phlegm was like a heavy foggy blanket that covered her whole body from the world. Her world. 

It was when we introduced her acupuncture that we started to understand what the problem was, and it wasn’t her. It was this phlegm that took over her body. It was the phlegm that was overshadowing her little light inside. Within a month of acupuncture to help clear the phlegm, she began to walk.  Not to mention the craniosacral therapist who gave us the right vitamins to help counteract these viruses. We have been able to clear out most of the phlegm caused by these injected diseases. In this past year, Koa-Rae has been the most vibrant she has ever been in her life.


Baby Knixon

With all that said, it was our decision to go against injecting any vaccines into Knixon-Rose. Before Knixon’s eight week old vaccine appointment, we were told she was well underweight and needed to be introduced to formula milk. This was the more reason to reject the vaccines. We could not imagine injecting her with the same amount of dosage given to the ‘average-weight baby’. We could not imagine what kind of impact it would have on her system? We couldn’t go forward with it.

It was an easy decision for me but I’m not going to lie to you, I was still questioning myself. I knew in my heart I did not want to inject her because of our past experience, but my brain was telling me, ‘just do it’?

However, I can now look back and I know it wasn’t my brain telling me to do it, it was all the people who were supposed to know what was best for my baby and I. It was the all pressure from the society trying to convince me into doing it. I was about to go against all those who were ‘guiding’ me and I was the naive one.


We were told, we could get sued. We were told that it was our decision but it was a bad decision. “Everyone needs to be vaccinated,” he said, “those who are not could be detrimental to society.” We have been through debates with her doctor and health visitors. Who we coincidentally don’t even speak to anymore. The people who were there to tell us what is at our best interest but ironically never even got to know Knixon as the individual she is. It was like we were being treated as robots. 

We were told that any child under the age of one, if not vaccinated could become extremely ill and possibly die. However, at Knixon’s one year check up, keeping in mind we never attended any of her vaccination appointments, we were then told that if we wanted to wait until she turned TWO and her brain became more developed we could start her vaccination process then. We could actually start her vaccinations at any age. Did you know that?

Every individual baby is different. Size, weight, length, prematurity, ethnicity, chromosomes. Every little body functions differently. Every little body reacts differently. But, why is the same amount of vaccination given to every baby receiving?


Knixon and I sitting on the Ferry on her first birthday

Knixon has just passed through her first year of life. She’s picked up food and eaten off the floor so many times, she has crawled on many types of floors, she’s been on enclosed lifts (elevators) with strangers standing next to her, and she’s played in those germ infested soft plays. In her first year of life, she has been on airplanes six times traveling to three different countries and let’s not forget her older sister who’s probably brought back home many illnesses from her nursery. She has had a cold, she has had a runny nose, a fever, and a cough with a hoarse throat. In fact in her first year of birth, Knixon’s immune system had been tested just like every other baby, except the difference is, we have let her system fight those illnesses naturally.

Knixon started rolling at 2 months, shuffling at 4 months, crawling at 5 and walking by 7 months. She is fully breastfed, currently weaning onto solids and just babbles constantly. She climbs on everything she can get her feet on, she can run and nearly jump with both legs off the ground. She can throw farther that her sister, nearly walk down stairs without any help,  and squeeze into the most tiniest places I’ve ever seen. She is still tiny and charting on the two percentile line. I mean someone has to be on the two percentile line or else there wouldn’t be one, right? She is vibrant, active, and as healthy as can be.


Koa-Rae and Knixon playing with a giant coloring touch screen in the middle of Cabot Circus


Every baby develops at different rates, I do now understand this. But it’s about letting every baby have his/her opportunity and freedom to do so. I encourage you to keep an open mind and just educate yourself.

“Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” – John F. Kennedy


Squeak, Sign, Mumble

The Bennett Babes


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  1. Your comment box isn’t big enough to hold all the comments you will know I want to write! So beautifully written and with the detail that matters.
    My journey is similar to yours as you know with my eldest vaccine injured & youngest thriving with no vaccines. Love to you & thank you for writing this xxxx


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