Shock to the System

6.40am was the time I opened my eyes and looked at my phone. I got up and peeped into Koa-Rae’s room. Still fast asleep. Knixon was happily running around in our room and with my husband gone for the weekend, I took this opportunity to take a quick rinse in the shower.

We then went into Koa’s room saw her little eyes open and glazed. I knew she wasn’t herself. As I lifted her top half of her body up to see if she could sit, she vomited all over herself. It was that yellow stuff, bile. (Due to the lack of appetite she had the night before.) As I cleaned her up in the bath, and dressed her again, I knew it was going to be a lazy day.

We all headed downstairs. Because we are in the middle of moving and just gave away our sofa, I only had a leg poof (or what we let our dog lay on) for Koa to rest on. I sorted out the room so she could lay and watch her favourite movies and Knixon could let her relax in peace. Today was going to be a day I let all house chores go and just be with my two little girls. With my coffee in my hand, Koa sucking her thumb ready to fall asleep again, and Knixon in my lap playing with Lego’s, today was going to a good day.


9.45am Knixon was ready for her morning nap. Before feeding her, I put out 5ml of Calpol ready on the side and checked Koa’s temperature: 37.5^C. I found this fairly odd even though it said it was a normal temperature, Koa was red in her cheeks and weak in her body but thought little of it at the time. As I fed Knixon to sleep in my arms, I decided to go up put her down in her room. Turning the corner back into the living room I called to Koa, ‘Koa you alright babe?’ As I looked up she was making what sounded like pushing noises, her body was jerking, her eyes and lips were twitching and her poor little face went pale blue.

In my head, I heard a voice saying ‘it will be okay let her ride it out and let her know you’re here for her’. I put my hand on her heart and starting singing ‘We’re going on a trip in our favourite rocket ship, Zooming through the sky,’ the little Einstein’s theme song. I kept singing it over and over to what felt like a lifetime but in reality was just the longest 5 minutes of my life. When I thought she was finished and she let go of the tension in her body slowly. I grabbed her quick and squeezed her tight in my arms. She was floppy and not very conscious. Her eyes now pried shut and her body felt like a ton of bricks. I called my husband… crying sat down in the corner of the living room with Koa I my arms ‘what do I do?’. Quickly got off the phone with him and called the ambulance. Five minutes later an ambulance arrived.

Knixon still sleeping upstairs and Koa now laid on her side on the sofa poof, still unconscious. They quickly squeezed a sugar gel into her mouth and asked me to explain what happened. Ten minutes later, I was getting my stuff ready grabbed Knixon and off in the ambulance we went.

Koa was now sitting propped up on the stretcher, still a little out of it but was nosey enough to have look around the ambulance. The medics explained to me she had a 39.4 temperature and with a high temperature like that her body will send signals to the medulla oblongata telling it to cool the body down. Now with a toddler being a toddler her brain not yet functioning as fast as an adult brain her body went into shock trying to take control her temperature. Koa had a febrile seizure.


With it being the first seizure it was necessary to go to the hospital to do some tests in order to fully understand the convulsion.

What is the cause of the fever?

Where is the virus?

Will she have another one in the next few hours?

For first time Febrile Seizures

What to look for: A fever that quickly escalates

What do to:

  • Cold towels on forehead/ body
  • Calpol
  • Undress your mini
  • Chamomile oil on body

During convulsion

  • Remove anything out-of-the-way that could hurt your little mini I.e pillows, blankets, Toys
  • Do not grab or move your mini
  • Do not stick anything in his/her mouth like water or food
  • If your mini is breathing normally let him/her run the seizure through if it’s less than 5 mins
  • If it’s lasting more than 5 mins call the ambulance

After Convulsion

  • Take all clothes and blankets off of baby
  • Lay your mini flat on his/her side no pillows needed
  • Call ambulance
  • Your mini might be in a deep sleep after seizure this is okay as long as she/he is breathing normally
  • Once he/she is fully conscious offer water and anything with sugar (cookies) to raise his/her blood sugar
  • I was told that having a seizure is like having a really hard workout, your body is tired and after the workout your body shakes because the muscles are in shock.
  • So it is normal if your mini’s walk is weak and stumbles a few times or cant lift up his/her arms

All the results came back negative and the Doctor didn’t know where the virus was or what was causing the fever? So they then assumed it was just the initial start of scarlet fever or chickenpox due to an outbreak in her nursery. However, four days later we have no signs of either. To top it off, after spending a full day at the hospital on Friday in utter shock and concern about my Rae of Sunshine the notes we were sent back home with, refer to Koa as a ‘he’.

I am so grateful the medics came to help my Rae of Sunshine and myself. They gave me answers off the bat and were extremely comforting. However, any mom can feel the frustration when I say I was in a right state all day worrying about my baby and the doctor who was coming in and testing her throughout the day didn’t even know if Koa-Rae was a boy or girl. Needless to say it was a mentally draining few days, both girls are alive and healthy, they both might have a bit of a runny nose and cough but they are alive.


Like I’ve said before there’s nothing that can prepare you for this situation. Koa has had her fair share of fevers and viruses and I couldn’t tell you why this one was different to the rest. As her mother I would like to think, in general, this is the healthiest and strongest Koa has ever been in her life, however it only just means this could actually happen to anyone at anytime.

I am only learning as I go and taking everyday as it comes. I am sharing my experience and if anyone has had similar experiences feel free to share anything that would might help other moms or dads.



Squeal, Sign, Mumble,

The Bennett Babes


One thought on “Shock to the System

  1. Same thing happend with my son he was about 2 i had just came back home from the er he was alseep and all of a sudden he started doing the same thing i freaked out ran out asked neighbors for help i called 911 and they said i was over reacting that i just have to wait till it goes away i went to the er and they had me wait for almost 2 hours … the system sucks sometimes so now everytime one of my loves has a fever i freak out.. its the worst feeling ever… but you are doing a great job!!!


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