Easter Nature Hunt

For us, holidays are starting to become a bit mainstream. We do love to celebrate holidays, for the fact that when we were young we loved the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Valentine’s cards, dressing up for Halloween, etc. However, we just feel like the idea of these holidays have gotten a bit lost and replaced by ‘how many gifts we can give or who has the biggest Easter egg, the most extreme costume? how many candies we can eat? and so on. As parents we do it all with good intentions and that intention is to make our babies happy. Which is very understandable.

However, what we tend to forget is that children don’t necessarily find happiness in materialistic things until we introduce the idea to them. The wonderful thing about children is their innocence. They don’t know better until they are taught. This might be a mind blower, but all children really want is our attention, our time, and love.

You mean all along we could be saving our money?

And the answer is Yes. Our idea is to revamp the idea of celebrating holidays. Replace presents with presence: activities, experiences and laughter.

So here is our Easter Nature Hunt activity:

What you’ll need:

  • Some sort of bucket or a bag
  • Blue tack or tape
  • Sticky back (or something like it)
  • Collection of your nature bits

What to do:

Take your bucket out and go out on a hunt for leaves, twigs, flowers, stones, anything your heart desires. Have fun!

Bring it back. Use your blue tack and take little pieces and attach it to the corners of the non-stick side of the sticky back paper. Stick your blue tack side on a window. Gently tear the paper off the sticky side and start sticking your nature bits on your mural. Taa-daa.

Can discuss the colour of the different leaves. The flowers. Discuss how the leaves are green or brown and crunchy. How seasons change. Etc.



Happy Easter!


Squeal, Sign Mumble,

The Bennett Babes

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