Her Silent Voice

If someone asked you to shave your head for no reason would you do it? What about for a dare? How about for a charity? Maybe For some extra money?

Why does there have to be a reason for it? We treat it like such a drastic change, or see it as part of an illness, or a cry for help. I get it, hair is a woman’s crown. The bigger the better, the shinier, the longer, the bouncier, the most colourful, that makes you the most beautiful. But does that reflect us on the inside?


I loved my dreads. I had them for about a year now. I met the most amazing person that I will probably ever encounter, @dread_pixie , the goddess who actually installed my dreads. However, I came to a point in my life where I didn’t feel like I was getting my message across. It was not only a message I am trying to show to the world but also a message to myself. The dreads helped my journey of feeling comfortable being in my own skin, more natural and becoming less concerned about other’s perception. However, in a time where the most important people in my life were falling out with me, all in the same week, I was starting to feel like my voice wasn’t being heard. 

No one was listening to me, not even myself. I was receiving a lot of negative opinions, lies and lack of respect and it was time to take myself out of all situations and reflect. During this reflection, I began to feel some sort of need of stripping myself down. I felt ready to strip down my outer world and focus on my inner world. I wanted a fresh start and push myself to rely on my voice rather than being bothered with how I came across because of what I look like. I am allowing myself to be vulnerable and have no choice but to let my inner beauty shine through.

This is not a cry for help, this is not a cry for attention, this is simply an action of spontaneity, something we as adults find hard to do.

Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life? That feeling of emptiness?

This is the feeling not being our true self. When we rely on lies and false identity of oneself we not only tend to fill it up with things, behaviours, people etc., but on top of that we lose the ability to connect with others in a meaningful way. We might recognise this better as being ‘fake’. Now I am not talking about lip fillers, botox, or breast implantations, I am talking about love, safety, trust and respect.

I stripped my physical self down in order to let my inner self rise. I did this for myself. My true self.


“If only our eyes saw souls instead of our bodies,

how very different our ideals of beauty would be”

I’ve also taken the leap and started vlogging, so check out my first little intro video and watch my hair transition. Subscribe here and enjoy watching us on our little journey!

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